16 November 2017

The ENSS has been pleased that its original initiative to set up a Roma task force to look at social issues, is to link in with the newly formed Roma Mission network, which brings together a number of other Roma issue working groups dealing with Evangelism, Integrated Mission, Training, and Advocacy etc.

Maj. Mike Stannett was asked temporarily to chair the meeting on this occasion until a permanent chair can be identified. The ENSS confirmed to those present at the meeting that it still wished to develop its social actions and programmes with and for Roma. As part of the integrated and inclusive nature of the strategy the group also want to encourage Roma nominations to be part of the group.

The recently published ‘Mapping The Salvation Army’s Work with Roma Across Europe’ was presented to both the ENSS and the Roma Integrated Social Action Group. It was suggested that many of the recommendations within the report could form the basis of identifying best practice with a view to duplicating similar projects across Europe, and perhaps identifying EU funding for multinational partnerships.  Click here to see the mapping report

  • Watch videos of The Salvation Army working with Roma in UK and Hungary

Sajokaza, Hungary - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B04RrxukrnZVaUFreEE3aFFzSVk/view

Margate, UK -  https://vimeo.com/222043402/66fa9194fd

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