15 February 2018
Last Updated: 21 February 2018
by Giacomo MANCA
The European Commission have opened up a series of online consultations regarding the funding opportunities currently existing, including the challenges to be addressed and the main obstacles which NGOs find when applying for funding. This represent an important opportunity to try to have a say in the development of the next “multiannual financial framework”, the budgetary planning which the European Commission is drafting right now for the period after 2020. 
It would be very interesting for those territories where the Army is participating in EU projects, to participate to the consultation and point out the main problems in the current applications for EU funding: this can help in creating better proposals for the next decade and better funding resources. The Salvation Army’s territories who have benefitted from European Union funding for some projects, for instance through the ESF, ERDF, AMIF or the FEAD, are invited to share their experience on how to improve the future financial framework. Those territories who have not yet been involved in EU funding but would like to apply for future applications, are also concerned by this consultation as now is the opportunity to share their views on where the priorities for EU funds should be and how can they be designed to best deliver results on the ground.
The consultations will remain open until 8th March 2018.
Please fill in the questionnaire (30 minutes) that is available in 23 languages and get engaged in shaping the future of EU funding. If you would prefer not to respond directly, please get in touch with the the EU Affairs Office to share your experience and ideas. We can respond to the consultation mentioning your needs.
If you have further questions, please contact Giacomo at gmanca@armeedusalut.be 
Among these public consultations, we would like to attract your attention to the following three:
Public consultation on EU funds in the areas of migration (Relevant for AMIF projects)
Public Consultation on EU funds in the area of Cohesion (relevant for projects on FEAD and ESF)
Public consultation on EU funds in the area of values and mobility (Relevant for Erasmus+ projects)
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