11 April 2018
Last Updated: 11 April 2018
by Giacomo MANCA

The 8th of April the Roma community celebrates worldwide the International Roma Day, an opportunity to raise awareness on the many challenges Roma people all across Europe are faced with in their everyday life.

On this occasion, the EU Affairs Office of the Salvation Army published a Press Release praising the work of the EU on Roma Integration and calling for an improved EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies after 2020.

The statement includes the vision of the Salvation Army on its work with Roma communities, the need for building mutual trust between Roma communities in rural areas and public authorities and to fight the prejudice and antigypsyism ingrained in our societies, a precondition to overcome exclusion and segregation of Roma people. Moreover, it contains a few lines explaining the long tradition of committment of The Salvation Army with the Roma community, and the work of its newly established Roma Mission Network.  Please, find our Press Release here.    


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