11 January 2018
by Catherine MALLET

European Citizens Initiative Campaign on migration – Get involved at national level

The migration sector and mainstream NGOs are finally coming together around a common campaign goal to engage the public and transform EU migration policy. The goal is to secure enough public and political support to pass key EU migration reform priorities as part of the 2019 European elections. The demands of the campaign focus on community sponsorship, decriminalising service-provision and defending victims of labour exploitation and human rights abuses.

See the website and Facebook page for updates


What is an ECI?

The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) is the most visible and legally binding tool for direct democracy in Europe. ECIs can generate significant media and informal political pressure in specific countries. If 1 million signatures are obtained within a year from EU citizens in at least seven states, then the formal political pressure increases as the European Parliament must offer a public hearing to the sponsors and the European Commission is obliged to consider the proposal.

How can The Salvation Army get involved?

The campaign organisers are now focused on the national level. The goal until the ECI official launch (February 15) is to expand and deepen the national coalitions. Those responsible for issues of migration in The Salvation Army are invited to get in touch with the organisers (Jules Bejot) jbejot@migpolgroup.com to see if and how to get involved and support the initiative (before 15th February). Either they or another national partner can meet with The Salvation Army to help decide what is the most effective way to contribute to the ECI. 

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