The Salvation Army, motivated by its Christian faith to do justice, has a long history of working with people who are vulnerable, marginalized and exploited across the world. The Salvation Army works in 127 countries worldwide, including in 22 of the 28 EU Member States, providing social services, poverty relief, social inclusion activities, refugee and migration support, and anti-human trafficking services. It is also present in many of the bordering countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The EU Affairs Office:  Based in Brussels the EU Affairs Office represents the international Salvation Army Europe zone as part of the worldwide Salvation Army. The goal of the EU Affairs Office is to provide an EU-level platform for The Salvation Army to relate to the EU and European issues and to enable the Army to engage in advocacy, representing the organization as well as the people we serve.

HOW WE WORK                                                                                       

The Salvation Army is deeply committed to fighting poverty and social injustice in Europe and has an important role in advocating social justice at EU-level through several means…

Advocacy:  The Salvation Army EU Affairs Office carries out advocacy and awareness raising activities, targeting mainly the European Institutions (the European Parliament, the Council, The European Commission) as well as other civil society organisations and individuals of the general public. We aim to identify pan-European challenges and to bring a cohesive response to those challenges.

Visibility: The Salvation Army EU Affairs Office brings its presence and its expertise to the table in relevant areas of EU affairs among the European institutions and other civil society organisations. The EU Affairs Office aims to highlight The Salvation Army’s grass-roots work done across Europe to decision makers in Brussels.

Capacity building: The Salvation Army EU Affairs Office aims to foster mutual learning among its European counterparts through the sharing of learning resources and expertise by means of online fora and electronic materials as well as regular network meetings and training sessions/conferences.

Information: The Salvation Army EU Affairs Office aims to support the exchange of knowledge and information on relevant EU policy developments as well as events and funding opportunities.