Massage sensuel vannes tay

for creating romance. During the sensual massage, occasionally ask your partner for a progress report so he or she feels comfortable telling you what feels good and what doesnt. Keep the oil warm, your touch gentle, the candles burning, and the moans coming! Breasts: use all the fingers to stroke each breast in different directions, working toward, but stopping at the nipples. Whatever you use, make sure it allows easy access to both sides of your partners body. Select a sheet or large towel to cover the body parts not being massaged. To make the massage pleasant for both people, the person receiving the massage should be recently showered. Instruct your partner to inhale deeply to benefit fully from any aromas you may be using.


Salons: Massage sensuel vannes tay

If your partner has diabetes, heart disease, or any medical condition that may be affected by increased blood flow, consult your doctor before giving him or her a massage. Achilles tendon: Slowly stroke from just below the ankle bone up to the back of the knee. And giving pleasure to the one you love (or like a lot) while touching his or her bare skin should make you feel pretty delicious, too!

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